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The Money-Raising Nonprofit Brand

Motivating donors to give, give happily, and keep on giving

By Jeff Brooks

Jeff Brooks – one of the world’s most successful fundraisers – says that branding scares him. He has had so many bad experiences watching non-profits embrace commercial-style branding that he’d have to be a little bit crazy not to be afraid of it.

And yet, branding should be one of the best tools we have for raising funds. And it can be.

That’s why he wrote this book. It does two things:

  1. It shows how and why branding often goes wrong for non-profits when they apply the rules of commercial-style branding to fundraising
  2. It shows the alternative: an approach to branding that connects donors with organisations.

A must read for fundraisers, PR and marketing people, as well as CFOs, CEOs and board members, the author shows how non-profit fundraising is a fundamentally different world – financially, emotionally and practically – than from commercial marketing.

He provides a practical, experience-based alternative: non-profit branding that gives donors reasons to care and to give – and thus raises money instead of crushing fundraising.

So, if the phrase “we need to rebrand” is even being mentioned in your organisation, do as Roger Craver, fellow author and fundraising expert, says: “Run – don’t walk – and buy everyone on the ‘branding task force’ a copy of this book”.

Jeff Brooks has produced a sensible guide for non-profits intent on transforming their fundraising without torpedoing their future.

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