Senior Leadership Team Bio’s

Working together, working for you

Dearne Cameron, CEO

Dearne has been in the business of growing businesses for over 30 years.

An experienced senior executive and non-executive director, Dearne has played pivotal roles in helping some of our leading businesses and not-for-profits to think big – and to grow big.

Dearne joined the Pareto team in February 2017, bringing with her expertise in organisational behaviour, operations, staff development and engagement, communications and business development. These skills were acquired through senior executive roles in commercial and not-for-profit environments.

Her not-for-profit experience includes General Manager and Director of Anglicare and Anglican Aid. Dearne’s also has extensive board experience, including Non-Executive Director, and member of the audit and risk committees for House-With-No-Steps and Make-A-Wish Australia.

Dearne understands the challenges of running a complex business and the pressure on leaders as they tackle complex issues, culture, the bottom line, strategic and board-level decisions … all while forging positive and effective relationships.

Craig McCann, Chief Operating Officer

With a critical eye for business, Craig works at the intersection of creativity and commerce.

Driving organisational growth through innovation, strategy and execution, Craig has been leading and working with the design and implementation of business solutions for more than 20 years.

Never satisfied with the status quo, Craig is on a constant search to identify opportunities for improvement and deliver solutions that bring efficiency, generate value and deliver results.

Having worked on both the agency and client side, including not-for-profits Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand and The Lions Share Fund, Craig has a solid understanding of the challenges of both parties.

He’s also passionate about keeping our charity partners happy and delivering the best customer service for their fundraising budget.

Kerren Morris, Strategy Director

“Problems” says Kerren “are just opportunities in disguise!”.

Kerren joined Pareto Fundraising in 2018 with a mission to help fundraising teams get better results in the short term, while mapping out sustainable growth plans over the long term.

Previously Head of Fundraising at Red Cross, and at Cancer Council, Kerren has managed large fundraising teams and budgets within complex organisations. Kerren’s work in the fundraising sector followed many years of senior leadership roles across publishing, pay TV, retail and online.  This broad and deep experience means Kerren is as comfortable discussing the soft decline rate on early tenure regular givers through to mapping an enterprise wide 5 year growth plan.

With a proven “Living Strategy” formula, Kerren takes teams on the journey of discovery, to unearth opportunities and build solutions on the foundations of data and evidence.  “A real strategy is one that guides your everyday work and motivates you to keep striving for those long term goals.”

You’ll often find Kerren at a white board happily solving complex problems with a few brightly coloured flow charts and an opportunity map or two. 

Fiona McPhee, Head of Insights & Strategy

Fiona loves fundraising. And fundraisers love to work with Fiona.

Fiona first found her fundraising passion working for WWF-Australia. Some 18 years later she’s a snow worshipping, animal lover who shows up to work every day as our Head of Strategy.

She’s got the background credentials – marketing, strategic planning, customer experience planning, donor care and database management.

But more importantly Fiona’s got the ‘sleeves rolled up’ and ‘hands dirty’ practical experience that makes her a most sought after strategic adviser, planner and consultant.

And what she doesn’t know about acquisition, regular giving, bequests, journey planning and middle donor programs just isn’t worth knowing.

Stuart Ghent, Creative Director

“What gets me up in the morning – my professional coffee if you will – is using creativity to make a difference in organisations that I like and respect.”

Stuart brings more than 25 years of heavyweight advertising agency experience to Pareto Fundraising.

He’s a multi-channel campaign champion, equally comfortable in above-the-line advertising, content marketing, experiential and digital campaigning, and even public relations.

Stuart is a deep thinker and enjoys the challenge of a complex business problem. Which is perhaps why he’s been a sought-after solutions man at some of Australia’s best direct response agencies (including his own).

After long stints in direct marketing and customer relationship management, he’s made two essential mantras his own: start with the customer, and let results be your measure.

Brent Collyer, Head of Analytics, Insights & Data

Behind every fundraising solution is a data-driven mind

New to the Pareto team in 2018, Brent has revolutionised Pareto’s data service program, taking it to a new level to help your charity stand out, engage and connect with your donors.

With over 20 years’ experience in the financial and energy sectors, Brent knows how to drive financial outcomes through the use of data, analytics and technology.

Leading a team of some of the brightest data minds in fundraising, Brent brings a systematic, practical and results-driven approach to your data management. He’s committed to making sure that you receive specific, actionable insights and data recommendations that will help you grow your fundraising revenue.

Clarke Vincent, Development Director

Senior guidance and an experienced eye

When Clarke makes a fundraising recommendation you can be sure that it’s backed by data and insights collected from over 10 years of working at Pareto with some of our best-loved and best- known charities.

His experience can help you to do the big things beautifully and the small things brilliantly.

Clarke’s dedicated to understanding your fundraising challenges and helping you over come them. His strength lies in his focused and strategic approach that helps charities deliver fundraising programs that drive revenue growth.

He excels at building rewarding relationships between charities and their donors through data, digital, direct mail and telemarketing.

Violeta Adriaan, Head of Finance

Finance and numbers are in her DNA

Violeta has many years of experience in the world of financial management, including the last 10 years at Pareto Fundraising. Her interest and skills in ‘all things finance’ are some of the best in the business.

As head of Finance, Violeta is responsible for Pareto’s financial governance and organisational reporting. Her passion for numbers means she is always seeking ways to improve on existing systems and make financial management even more successful with her direction.

Violeta brings creativity and style into the efficiency and practicality of financial management and is a fun, professional and knowledgeable leader within the Pareto team.


Regardless of whether you’re a small or big charity, Pareto Benchmarking is one of the best investments a charity can make. Every fundraiser I know is busy – Benchmarking clearly identifies the areas that need your attention now. A year later it identifies what’s next.


Your DM creative is GREAT. Best in class worldwide as far as I know. Innovative. Cutting Edge. The finest, most thoughtful stuff I see … and I regularly sample agency work from the UK, Ireland, Canada and the US. Your creative is what other agencies WISH they could do on a daily basis.


Pareto’s innovative digital 2-step campaign has engaged many more Australians with our mission. We’ve generated good numbers of financial supporters using a combination of phone and digital. It’s an exciting new way of fundraising a strong area for future growth.


It’s rare to find a team with the combination of great analytical skills and frontline direct marketing expertise. Pareto’s analysis is objective and has integrity. It produces significant and meaningful insights for our fundraising and highlights specific strategies and tactics we need to use to raise more money more effectively to achieve our mission.


Pareto is an indispensable strategic partner for any charity that wants to kick goals. The value starts in the data, but it’s their intelligent strategic insight and advice that takes it to another level. Growth pathways become apparent and attainable.


Before Pareto Benchmarking, we didn’t know how we rated amongst other charities. With data analysis, a report and a presentation we now have insight into how we’re doing, where we can improve, and key areas donors are interested in and supporting. We’re so much better off being part of this.