Account Services Senior Team

Account Services Team

Sharon Tillman, Senior Account Director

A wise owl at work in the fundraising world

One of Pareto’s longest serving team members, Sharon’s passion is to do great fundraising and help charities punch above their weight.

In her previous role as a fundraiser and in her 12 years at Pareto, Sharon has seen and done in fundraising what most of us can only dream about.

When she’s not helping our charity partners exceed their goals, one campaign at a time, she’s hard at work making sure that Pareto continues to meet the needs of charities throughout the sector.

And best of all, she’s efficient, always returns calls and our charity partners love to work with her.

Chantel Plum, Senior Account Director

Creating great donor experiences is great fundraising

Driven to make a real difference in the world, Chantel is passionate about delivering effective programs that put your donor at the centre of the fundraising journey.

With qualifications in Psychology, Chantel understands donor behaviour. And knows what it takes to deliver an exceptional donor experience that drives long-term engagement and lifetime value.

Having previously held senior roles in charities in Australia and Canada, Chantel offers extensive experience to Pareto’s charity partners in event management, multi-channel fundraising and not-for-profit governance.

And you can be guaranteed that she’ll always look for innovative, unique ways to help your organisation reach its full fundraising potential.

LJ Byrne, Digital Account Director

Cool under pressure, eternally optimistic and always in control

LJ has a critical eye and a constructive mind – a great combination to keep your digital program on track and ideas on the boil.

Having ‘learnt the ropes’ of integration and social media strategy at ad agency powerhouse Ogilvy and Mather, LJ fell head over heels in love with digital. They’ve been together ever since and in 2013 LJ bought her unique mix of skills, insight and experience to Pareto Fundraising.

LJ’s strength lies in her ability to build strong relationships with Pareto’s charity partners.  And to help each charity successfully integrate digital into the wider fundraising and marketing mix.

Lindsey Mackenzie, Account Director

Organised, laser-focused and always smiling

When a charity connects with its supporters in an inspiring and compelling way, they change the world. And Lindsey makes it her business to help charities make these connections.

Having worked in marketing and fundraising for some of our most well-known charities, Lindsey knows a thing or two about being a fundraiser.

She’s celebrated the wins … she’s learned from the losses … and she knows the thrill of seeing a campaign deliver results.

A nerd in the best sense of the word, Lindsey loves spending her time in a good Pareto spreadsheet and helping our charity partners build successful fundraising programs.


Regardless of whether you’re a small or big charity, Pareto Benchmarking is one of the best investments a charity can make. Every fundraiser I know is busy – Benchmarking clearly identifies the areas that need your attention now. A year later it identifies what’s next.


Your DM creative is GREAT. Best in class worldwide as far as I know. Innovative. Cutting Edge. The finest, most thoughtful stuff I see … and I regularly sample agency work from the UK, Ireland, Canada and the US. Your creative is what other agencies WISH they could do on a daily basis.


Pareto’s innovative digital 2-step campaign has engaged many more Australians with our mission. We’ve generated good numbers of financial supporters using a combination of phone and digital. It’s an exciting new way of fundraising a strong area for future growth.


It’s rare to find a team with the combination of great analytical skills and frontline direct marketing expertise. Pareto’s analysis is objective and has integrity. It produces significant and meaningful insights for our fundraising and highlights specific strategies and tactics we need to use to raise more money more effectively to achieve our mission.


Pareto is an indispensable strategic partner for any charity that wants to kick goals. The value starts in the data, but it’s their intelligent strategic insight and advice that takes it to another level. Growth pathways become apparent and attainable.


Before Pareto Benchmarking, we didn’t know how we rated amongst other charities. With data analysis, a report and a presentation we now have insight into how we’re doing, where we can improve, and key areas donors are interested in and supporting. We’re so much better off being part of this.