Don’t let peer-to-peer fundraising be the one that got away!

By Chantel Plum, Account Director

Donor development plans. Donor journey mapping. Donor retention strategy. Donor centricity. Donor care. We truly value our donors.

We’re forever grateful for the contributions they make to enable our work. We’re continually collecting and analysing donor data, on a mission to better understand them and their behaviours, so we can create that ideal donor experience to support retention and foster lifetime value.

But what about your community fundraisers? Are you sharing the love?

If you have them within your organisation, then you’ll know how amazing ‘community’ or ‘peer-to-peer’ fundraisers’ are. They’re genuinely passionate, self-motivated and convincing advocates for your cause.

Not only are they willing to create and host events themselves (DIY fundraisers), take part in various mass-participation events (third party fundraisers) and take on huge personal challenges in your name (signature events) but at the same time they’re actively facilitating donations, building brand awareness, marketing your cause and growing your supporter base by acquiring new donors for you – and they’re doing it all for free!

Ok, so maybe I’m biased. Community or peer-to-peer fundraising holds a special place in my heart. Having spent the last 13 years working across a wide variety of fundraising programs, I’ve seen what many great peer-to-peer programs can do for an organisation. The numbers speak for themselves:

On average, a peer-to-peer fundraiser raises around $700 in a third-party event, around $1,900 for DIY fundraiser and between $4,000 and $20,000 for a challenge style event.

Sure, it may not give us the same results as the direct mail program we’ve been refining and delivering for years. But, it’s surely worth consideration when you think about just how much money a small group of supporters can raise and how many new donors they can introduce to your cause.

Aren’t you curious to see what’s possible if we invest in understanding our community fundraisers like we do for our donors? Even though peer-to-peer is highly effective, it requires time and effort. And you can’t expect your community fundraisers to lead it. It won’t succeed without your effort too.

But with some love and attention who knows what these highly engaged, committed supporters of our cause are capable of!

Income diversification is essential in today’s fundraising environment to support your organisation’s sustainability. As part of a multichannel approach, a solid community fundraising offering can make a valuable contribution to your revenue with very little investment from you. But it’s got to be done right.

– What do you know about your community fundraisers?

– Are you giving them the tools they need to raise the most they can?

– Are you maximising the potential of Peer-to-Peer for your organisation?

Not sure? I think we need to talk….You can contact me at Pareto Fundraising on 02 8064 5434 or via email


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