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Pricing and Features

Pricing and Features

What’s new in Benchmarking New Zealand 2019?

Deep Dive Donor Profiles

See who gives, how they do so, how often and how much they give. You’ll also be able to compare your results with the whole charity sector, and to other charities by size. And you’ll have even greater flexibility, through a new interactive portal that delivers updated digital framework and more powerful analytics.

Understand Your Industry

Our Industry Trends Report allows you to explore the individual giving techniques, channels and donor behaviours that others are using.

Understand Your Sector

Not all causes are the same. Benchmarking will help you understand how your sector is changing and performing in comparison to the market.

Membership Options:

Take a Standard Lite membership and you’ll receive an Individual Charity Report that compares your own charity performance metrics and comparisons to your peers, sector charities and the industry overall.

Or take out a Standard membership and you’ll receive even more.

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