Can any charity join Benchmarking?

Yes. The introductory FREE (Basic) membership level option is open to any charity with 10,000 or more individual giving transactions (Cash/ RG/ Bequest) per annum.

Smaller donor bases will not have a significant impact on the National Trends Report from the combined data sets of our larger member charities, and hence do not justify the significant effort for both you and us in preparing your data to be merged with the national data-set. You are however welcome to join at a paid level – which we would highly recommend if you are committed to growing your donor base.

Alternatively, you can request to receive a free copy of the General Trends Report if the incumbent member base do not decide to withhold to members only (In all previous years the report has been shared).

Who can attend our presentation?

Pareto’s consultancy team are more than happy to present to a room of any size. Whilst we encourage you to bring your wider fundraising team to the Individual Charity report presentation, we remind you that only permanent staff and board members are able to sit in the presentation and/ or view your copy of the Individual Report.

Can I upgrade my membership?

You can upgrade your membership at any stage of the program. If you intend on upgrading from Basic (free) membership we recommend you do so before the General Trends Report Launch in April. This is so you are able to claim tickets to the launch which are included with paid membership, but do attract a fee for Basic members.

Can I offer feedback?

Pareto’s Insights team welcome any feedback and are always more than happy to talk to Benchmarking members. Once you register to participate, you will be invited to connect with Pareto Benchmarking on LinkedIn where you are asked to participate in group discussions, post questions to the group and put forward any suggestions for the next report. You can also contact the team by phone or email: benchmarking@paretofundraising.com

Still got a question? Send us an email at benchmarking@paretofundraising.com and we’ll get straight back to you with an answer.”