Pareto is a full-service, direct response agency. We work – by choice – with charities and other not-for-profit organisations to make the world a better place.

Pareto can help you create highly-targeted and integrated direct response campaigns to strengthen your existing supporter base and engage new audiences for your cause.

We offer you the talents of our in-house fundraising and communications specialists; subject matter experts whose combined skills and experience make them a formidable team.

In the past 16 years, some of Australia and New Zealand’s most successful charities have engaged Pareto to provide:

– unparalleled sector intelligence
– donor behavioural insight
– data-led strategic guidance
– world-class creative, and
– the enthusiastic partnership of a team which shares your purpose.

At Pareto Fundraising, we love what we do … and we’d love to work with you.

Our guiding principles
The Pareto principle

For most charities, about 80% of your income comes from 20% of your supporters. If you could increase the loyalty and lifetime value of that top 20%, the benefits to your cause could be profound. We can work with you to make that happen.

The Pareto touch

We can help you develop strategic solutions that create sustainable income streams from a wide base of supporters. Our recommendations to you are based on data-driven insights. To be data-led means to be donor-led.


In 2005 Paul Roberts and Sean Triner, two expert fundraisers, established Pareto Fundraising and Pareto Phone.

Their philosophy was to help Australian and New Zealand charities build high-quality, sustainable fundraising programs that used the best strategies from all over the world. Their approach is as relevant today as it was then.

From the beginning, Sean and Paul knew the importance of using data to determine who to contact, how frequently, and with what proposition and ask strategy.

This data-driven approach has seen Pareto become a leader in the charity sector and partner with a huge range of causes.

Pareto Phone and Pareto Fundraising form the Pareto Group, and work together to provide a complete end-to-end campaign support for clients. In 2015, the Pareto Group was purchased by the IVE Group.

Happily, Paul and Sean still play active roles as Pareto consultants.

Our values

When you work with Pareto Fundraising, you’ll have access to many years of collective fundraising experience and wisdom. You’ll gain valuable insights and be able to tap into the knowledge we have from working with other charities – many with the same challenges you face now.


Our most important partnership is with you. We believe in an open and honest relationship that has your interests at heart. We have high work and ethical standards and we practice what we preach.


With Pareto Fundraising you can be certain of one thing. Our love of fundraising runs deep. Our expert team thrives on helping charities like yours to create that special bond between your supporter and the beneficiaries they want to help.

Part of IVE Group

Pareto Fundraising and Pareto Phone are part of IVE Group, one of Australia’s most diversified marketing, communications and print businesses.

Listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, the IVE Group has annual revenues of circa $700m and over 1,800 employees.

The IVE Group enables clients to communicate more effectively with their customers by creating, personalising, managing, producing and distributing content across multiple channels.


The Pareto team are not only a pleasure to work with, they are also inspirational. We’ve always found them to be passionate about their profession and our cause.


I want to acknowledge the team from Pareto who always brings our campaigns to life with sensitivity and respects. They always have World Vision’s best interests at heart.


The team at Pareto often challenge more than a few of my preconceptions about how fundraising should be done. But they constantly get astounding results. Their commitment to their clients and their causes drives their every action, because that’s how they can help to change the world.