What Our Clients Say

wvaJodie Harvey, Campaign Manager, Individual Supporters, World Vision Australia "I also wanted to acknowledge the team from Pareto who help bring the campaign to life with sensitivity and respect. They always had World Visions best interest at heart and always looked to find savings across the campaign."
adaRichard Lord, Top Dog, Assistance Dogs Australia “Assistance Dogs Australia started working with Pareto Fundraising in 2011 at which time we had around 1,500 supporters. The award winning premium acquisition test convinced us that a substantial investment with Pareto on the roll out of a strategic direct mail program would prove to be significant. Assistance Dogs Australia now enjoys over 35,000 supporters, improved financial security and a greater opportunity to assist people with disabilities with our amazing dogs.”
wwfJenny O’Donnell, Fundraising Director, WWF – Australia “I highly recommend Pareto’s data analytics work. We continue to do a full bespoke Data Insights Analysis with Pareto every year, because this ensures our fundraising decisions are based on evidence and our actual data. Pareto also does regular giving predictive modelling for us, so that we truly understand the investment and returns for our acquisition program. All this helps ensure we invest wisely and maximise our return.

I couldn’t imagine doing our fundraising planning or budget forecasting without these tools.”
MATony O’Halloran, Manager, Marketing Strategy, Mission Australia “Pareto Fundraising is an indispensable strategic partner for any organisation who want to kick goals in the NFP market. The value starts in the data, but it’s their intelligent strategic insight and advice, that takes it to another level. Strategic
growth pathways suddenly become apparent and attainable.”
adra2David Love, Executive Director, The Conservation Foundation at Toronto and Region Conservation "ADRA Australia engaged Pareto to assist with the development of fundraising strategies, including a capital gift campaign. During the planning period Pareto provided excellent professional advice and direction to my marketing team. It was made clear during this education and training period that I as the CEO would play a key role if the campaign was to achieve maximum success. I participated, finding the training and orientation invaluable. Resources and briefings provided were succinct, focused and practical enabling me to engage in the campaign competently and confidently."
KBKen Burnett, Author, Relationship Fundraising
“These last few years Sean and his colleagues at Pareto Fundraising have pushed and challenged my thinking a lot, testing and overturning more than a few of my preconceptions about how fundraising should be done. But they consistently get astounding results. They don't just talk about growing effective voluntary action, they live it. Their commitment to clients and causes drives their every action, because that's how they've realised that they can change the world.” “These last few years Sean and his colleagues at Pareto Fundraising have pushed and challenged my thinking a lot, testing and overturning more than a few of my preconceptions about how fundraising should be done. But they consistently get astounding results. They don't just talk about growing effective voluntary action, they live it. Their commitment to clients and causes drives their every action, because that's how they've realised that they can change the world.”
fosteringJohn Barnett, The NZ Family and Foster Care Federation / Fostering Kids “The Pareto team again delivered fast and professionally.
The planning and proposition development distilled what best to say to people to convince them to give. We’re delighted with each copy and design deliverable - the F2F leave behind, the pitch card, welcome letter & email and SMS, the new logo, letterhead, web banners and the springboard of copy with which we’ll develop our website. The case study interviews give us our stories to tell.
With Pareto’s help, the NZ Family and Foster Care Federation now has an exciting funded future using our new operating name, Fostering Kids. Shockingly abused and neglected children in foster care will soon be benefiting from the additional support foster parents receive to provide stable loving homes and placements that work out.”
amnesty canadaRosemary Oliver, Amnesty International, Canada “Our major gifts team did a ‘major donors next week’ session with the experts from Pareto Fundraising and that very day we secured a $10,000 gift from a lapsed donor who’d never given a gift of that size before. Their approach works. Try it!”
ccnswTrudi Mitchell, Formerly Direct Marketing Manager, Cancer Council NSW, Australia “It is rare to find a team who has the combination of great analytical skills combined with frontline direct marketing expertise… Pareto's analysis is objective and has integrity. It produces significant and meaningful insights for our fundraising, both in terms of confirming that we are on the right track and in highlighting specific tactics and strategies we need to use to raise more money more effectively to achieve our mission.”
mal wMal Warwick, author of How to Write Successful Fundraising Letters "If you think you know everything there is to know about raising money from individual donors, guess again! The results Sean Triner and his colleagues at Pareto Fundraising has been getting in Australia will shock the stuffing out of you - and you'll realise, as I did, that these young whippersnappers know a lot of stuff that has somehow eluded me all these years.
Don't miss the opportunity to get acquainted with Sean and the fresh, common-sense way he approaches fundraising. I guarantee you'll pick up ideas that will be worth thousands of dollars to you in the future.”
cciaLisa Cheng, formerly Marketing Director, Children’s Cancer Institute Australia, Australia “We have more than doubled our net income from our Appeals Program, implemented an aggressive acquisition program that is delivering tons of new regular donors for us, made a shift to strategic bequest marketing and now have the foundations for a strong major gifts program as well. We now have the base for a sustainable fundraising program which will support our plans for growth over the next 10 years.
Pareto has challenged our views on fundraising and it has worked! CCIA has found them to be professional in client service, innovative in strategy and execution, cost effective in developing and meeting budgets and most importantly results driven.”
unhcrDebra O’Neill, Fundraising Manager, Australia for UNHCR, Australia “Pareto were really responsive to the emergency campaign and worked with us to turn it around within 24 hours. This resulted in some fantastic results for the appeal and a great communication with our donors.”
ldhKate Hoelter, General Manager, Fundraising and Communications, The Lost Dogs’ Home “The Lost Dogs' Home first began working with Pareto Fundraising in May 2003. It has been a rewarding partnership for both the organisation and fundraising staff… Pareto Fundraising are data driven, and I believe their expertise, innovation and strategy in this area is second to none. Together with really effective and again innovative creative our warm appeals program net income has grown and along with a very successful donor care program and strategy, our attrition rate is insignificant…
The Pareto team are not only a pleasure to work with, they are also inspirational. We at the Home have found them to be passionate about their profession and our cause. They are always professional, always strategic and a fountain of innovation – they also use a lot of plain common sense when it comes to fundraising.
In delivering a results-driven service they also determine appeal successes by their cost effectiveness and ROI. I have found them to work successfully to budget and meet or exceed income projections.”
plan Jonathan Wright, Public Fundraising and Marketing Manger, Plan International Australia "I have worked with Pareto Phone for nearly 5 years in my role as Public Fundraising Manager for Plan. I have found the quality of service from the Pareto Phone team to be second to none, maintaining the high degree of strategic input and quality service delivery we have received over the years.”
wvaAnne Stout, Head of Marketing (Supporter Insights & Planning), Marketing & Sales,
World Vision Australia
“Being relatively new to working in the charitable fundraising industry & managing a team of diverse marketers with varying levels of fundraising expertise, I recently enlisted the help of Sean Triner to run a series of workshops specifically for our team.

Tailored to our specific business needs, Sean delivered these workshops with his usual flair & injected humour, combining his years of knowledge from working in the charitable industry with up to date trends & insights. Sean has that rare combination of being a 'mathematician' with a creative mind. Whilst Sean's style can be viewed by some as provocative, it is this style that has encouraged us to reflect on current practices & challenge what can be done differently.

As a result of running these workshops both within my Marketing team & our Senior Leadership Sales & Marketing teams we have been able to finalise a robust Donor Journey approach, gain support to running some alternative donor acquisition test campaigns (including the use of premiums) & are looking forward to what insights we can obtain from an upcoming Segmentation & Data Insights workshop. If you are looking to improve your fundraising efforts & are prepared to try different things, I would thoroughly recommend having a chat with Sean to see how he can assist!”
Dan Sweetman, Director of Marketing, MS Queensland "Sean’s Storytelling workshop is inspiring, practical, and most importantly based on decades of REAL donor analysis. Sean balances the art of telling stories with the science of what techniques actually causes donors to engage and give more.”
Carl Young, Fundraising Director, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre "The reason why many people dislike face to face, phone and premium direct mail fundraising is probably the sole reason they work so well – they are compelling. In a way I hope charity boards continue to decide against using these methods because of their personal distaste, so I can carry on successfully raising more money for Peter Mac with less competition.”
centeneryBarbara Smith, Donor Services Coordinator, Centenary Institute “Andy was great to work with throughout the segmentation process, particularly his explanations of how your RFV works and in meeting our requests for reworking segments …. and for adding a user-friendly ‘RFV’ code that makes sense to us at the end of your coding.”
icvStef Kessler, National Fundraising Manager, Indigenous Community Volunteers "At ICV we’ve significantly increased our supporter base in the last few years. Not long ago ICV had zero individual supporters – we now have a reliable supporter base and a strong acquisition program. Pareto has played an important role in helping us to achieve this, through strategic support and pack development.

Pareto has also given me real confidence in my fundraising planning through their data insights. We’ve had some unique requirements and I’ve found Pareto has worked well to budget and been able to provide a very customised approach.”
starshipSharon Bills, Starship Foundation, New Zealand

“Pareto has taken Starship Foundation’s programme up and up. To improve an already successful programme is generally challenging but Fiona’s enthusiasm, knowledge, experience and passion for what she does has brought results not seen before with our previous agency. Pareto know their stuff – from their data gurus to account management – and this partnership is one we truly value and receive immeasurable value from.”
Katherine Jedynak, General Manager, Marketing & Fundraising, Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute “Pareto’s innovative approach to generating new supporters via a digital 2 step campaign has turned out to be a great way for Baker IDI to engage many Australians with the specifics of our mission. From that broad group, we have been able to generate good numbers of financial supporters using a combination of phone and digital communications, making this exciting new method of fundraising a strong potential area for future growth in engaging new supporters for our cause.”