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Industry Trends Report

The 2018 Industry Trends Report Launch Presentation will take you on a 3hr tour of the key metrics and benchmarks that describe individual giving in Australia and New Zealand, including:

• Gross Income growth to 2017 (overall, by gift type, by charity, by size, highs and lows) • Cash Donor acquisition (channels, volumes, growth, decline, 2nd gift, conversion to RG, long term value) • Cash Donor behaviours (average gift, attrition, lapsed reactivation, donor value, conversion, gift-shift trends, channel variation) • Major Donor Trends (gift amounts, attrition rate, temporal variation, gift types) • Regular Gift Acquisition (channels, volumes, growth, decline, attrition, average gift, demographics) • RG Donor Development (upgrade, reactivation, retention, cross-sell, long term value, gift levels, attrition indicators) • Bequest Programs (income trends, bequest intention rates, variation and indicators) • Donor Cross Pollination (multi-charity support, gift levels, attrition, channels, donor value).


 Individual Charity Report

This will focus specifically on the performance of your charity. It provides named access to the performance and metrics of all members at an individual charity level. As such, it allows you to compare your own charity with the general market and your competitors in great detail. It allows you to find out how you compare in 2017 and in previous years. What has changed, and how? Discover where you are above and below average, by how much, and what other charities are doing differently to you.

A Pareto Fundraiser will deliver this detailed report in person, highlighting valuable insights about your fundraising activity, often contrasting it with the performance of other charities and/or the general fundraising sector. In an analytics-packed two hour session you will be offered advice and opportunities for improving your performance for the coming year and beyond.

The session will provide strategic interpretation, as well as guidance for developing those tricky key performance indicator questions such as:

• What sort of retention levels should I be getting from my programs? • How many donors do we need to maintain, or to grow our income? • Which donors are most amenable to mention us in their Will? • Is there potential in our existing supporters for more major gifts? • How many of our donors are giving to other charities? • Do my donors give more to other charities? • Which charities are doing better than mine, and why?


Optional Reporting Extras

Now Benchmarking members can choose to take on additional monthly or quarterly reporting with Pareto Fundraising Control Panels. Use this reporting system to monitor critical aspects of your organisation’s cash donor acquisition activity or regular giving attrition/ retention.

Go to the Benchmarking Control Panels page to learn more about how this level of reporting is set up to help your organisation.


* Eligibility conditions for membership at FREE (Basic) Level of Benchmarking

  • Must have a minimum of 10,000 transactions in the previous 12 months in any channel across any of the following gift types: regular gift, cash appeal, major gift, bequest
  • Must register before the registration deadline
  • Must provide a full, accurate and complete data-set before the data submission deadline
  • Must pay a data processing fee of $995 for every data re-supply required (e.g. if previous supply is incomplete or inaccurate)
  • Must buy tickets for the Report Launch presentation at full price ($239) if wish to attend