Enhancing and advancing donor relationships

At Pareto, we’re dedicated to advancing innovation within the not-for-profit sector. We want to help all charities – large and small – raise more money for their mission.

In 2018, we’re proud to support the sector with a suite of innovative new services that will help enhance donor relationships and retention.

We’ve looked globally to bring innovative, data-driven solutions to common fundraising challenges and are working with local charities to apply these concepts across Australia and New Zealand.

Stewardship Tracker: Ever walked a mile in a donors shoes?

Nobody knows how a donor feels better than another donor.

Our Stewardship Tracker is based on an Australia-wide team of mystery supporters and an approach tried and tested in the UK.

Put simply, our mystery supporters will complete nearly 100 tasks across a year with your charity, you so can draw a comprehensive picture of your donor relationship management.

Take the first step today.

For the full story: email shopme@paretofundraising.com.

BI Portal

To build a thriving fundraising program, charities need access to quality, timely data.

Pareto’s role is to help our clients better understand donor activity so they can identify trends, uncover challenges and seek out future opportunities.

In 2018, Pareto Fundraising will be introducing the BI Portal, an online tool offering the timely extraction and application of data into a suite of user-friendly reports.

To find out more, please email clarke.vincent@parteofundraising.com.

Donor Journey Mapping

In an increasingly competitive market, fundraisers need to know who their donors are and what makes them give so they can better respond to those expectations.

In an Australian-first, Pareto Fundraising has partnered with international-leaders, Strativity to bring Donor Journey Mapping to local charities.

Using in-depth analysis, Donor Journey Mapping allows charities to explore donor relationships and work towards more mutually prosperous relationships.

Designed to guide charities in their donor engagement and retention strategies, Donor Journey Mapping is the next step building an enduring donor relationship program.

To find out more, please email clarke.vincent@parteofundraising.com.

Digital 2 Step Essential

Pareto Fundraising is the market leader in 2 step lead generation to conversion.

The 2 Step Essential campaign model allows a charity to trial the lead generation to conversion model with:

  • • Minimal investment of finance and time
  • • A relatively agile turnaround from proposal signature to campaign launch.

As such, 2 Step Essential is an excellent strategy for a charity that:

  • • Wants to test 2 step campaigning on a limited budget, AND/OR
  • • Has a timely opportunity for lead generation that it wants to jump on to grow its donor base, community and public engagement.

To find out more, please email jo.durant@paretofundraising.com