2012 FIA Conference

How is your Arts Union / Raffle / Lottery program going?

By Sara Mansfield

Are you fundraising for an organization that is heavily reliant on the performance and growth of a raffle, art union or lottery?

If you answered ‘yes’ – you are not alone! There are over 70 local and national organizations in Australia who use major Arts Unions lotteries and raffles to generate much needed income for their beneficiaries. That doesn’t include the many hundreds more minor ones that are run by amateur sporting clubs and other not for profit organizations.

Pareto Phone was set up to be different from other call centres – in addition to being donor centric in everything we do, we use expert data skills and practices to analyse plan and deliver the calls that we make. Last year Pareto Phone worked with more and more organizations who had challenges with their raffle programs and, after a lot of analytics and trial activity we think we‘ve made some industry-challenging discoveries.

Are you spotting cross-sell opportunities with your raffle players?

Anecdotally, our fundraising team tell us that the supporters that they speak to often believe that the only way to support the organization is via raffle – they then jump at the chance of becoming regular givers whilst still continuing to play the raffle. Recently, one of our clients recruited 557 regular givers (156 over target) and raised an additional $22,000 in cash donations from a telemarketing program to make the case for long term support to Raffle players – and they still play the raffle as well as supporting with a monthly regular gift! We now know that it is a myth that everyone who buys charity raffle tickets are only interested in the prizes.

Do you know how to target the right audience amongst your players to encourage to become regular givers or cash donors?

Several of our clients have to date employed a ‘minimal to no’ data strategy, using instead a ‘churn and burn’ approach. Our experience has led us to create other opportunities for lottery players and to use our data scoring and modeling approach to identify the likely prospects for such an ask. Not only that, but we have developed this further into a trigger strategy, run via a bespoke CRM system, which selects and develops a calling hierarchy to maximize and increase net by reducing the number of calls made whilst being as effective as possible at penetrating and generating increased income in the higher scoring groups. There are not many call centre organizations that would recommend reducing the number of calls made for a program but Pareto Phone’s ethos is that we advise strategies that are in the best interest of our clients’ beneficiaries.

How do your raffle communications compare to other communications?

We have also picked up feedback where raffle players are also individual donors to an organization but think that the raffle must be ‘run by someone else’. Whilst most organizations outsource their phone and mail raffle execution, the raffle should not be completely different in tone, feel, brand and message than other donor communications. Especially if you are looking to integrate your fundraising and cross-sell your ways to support to different audiences. Do you have the option to buy tickets via your website? Do you use a multi channel approach to retention and acquisition? Do you prospect from your raffle players for events attendees or campaigning actions to strengthen your cause?

If you would like to talk through some of these insights or get us involved in your arts union or raffle then either drop me an email, give me a call or claim 1 hour’s free consultancy at the upcoming FIA ‘Dare to be Different’ conference. Dare to be Different with your approach to Lotteries!

Dan Pallotta

By Sean Triner

At the final hours of the IFC conference in the Netherlands. Nearly 1,000 Fundraisers here including 27 from New Zealand and Australia. Lots of great learning, and a very worthwhile conference to invest in.

The closing plenary was delivered by Dan Pallotta – and evangelist on cost of fundraising and fair compensation for charity employees. Great stuff, really great structured arguments and well worth listening to.

For you Australians, you don’t need to leave the country to see him. He is presenting at FIA in February 2012 at the Gold Coast. As well as lots of other learning opportunities – with lots of great local trainers and Tony Elischer, Kay Sprinkel-Grace and Adrian Sargeant – the conference looks fantastic. I reckon this is one Fundraisers should drag their CEOs and CFOs along.

http://www.fiaconference.org.au/index.php for the conference.

http://www.danpallotta.com/ for information on Dan.