Bruce Cotton

CEO, Pareto Phone

Bruce CottonBruce Cotton has been CEO for Pareto Phone since 2008, and has been involved in developing brand-enhancing, profitable phone strategies for commercial and not-for-profit organisations for more than twenty years. Bruce has run in-house contact centre operations for a number of large commercial organisations including Centrica, RSA and the Carphone Warehouse and, before that held senior marketing positions in the UK and Europe.

Having spent most of his career on “the other side of the fence” as a telemarketing outsourcer, Bruce really appreciates the need for clients to have absolute trust in their partners ability to understand the importance of their donor relationships, to enhance these and to deliver outstanding results. For these reasons, Bruce is passionate about the unique role that the telephone is able to play in leaving supporters with truly memorable experiences that add immediate as well as long term value to clients.