Benchmarking | Pareto Fundraising

Pareto Fundraising Benchmarking is an exceptional opportunity for you to understand, analyse and improve your fundraising effectiveness.

It gives you a unique set of data-rich insights into the charity sector, and allows you to compare your organisation’s performance against industry benchmarks.

At an individual charity level, you’ll gain the knowledge and metrics you need to:

  • Educate your Board on the likely returns from investment in fundraising
  • Identify any areas of your overall program that are under-performing – and develop strategies to turn them around
  • Hone in on key areas for opportunity and development (e.g. new channels or methods of fundraising)
  • See where you sit in the marketplace against charities with similar missions
  • Make informed decisions and build a strategy for future growth


Join the industry’s best from Australia and New Zealand in Benchmarking, and become better together.