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Mission AuTony O’Halloran, Manager- Marketing Strategy at Mission Australia
Pareto Fundraising is an indispensable strategic partner for any organisation who want to kick goals in the NFP market. The value starts in the data, but it’s their intelligent strategic insight and advice, that takes it to another level. Strategic growth pathways suddenly become apparent and attainable.
Barnardos AustraliaManisha Amin, Director Fundraising and Marketing at Barnardos Australia
We’ve received substantial value from our involvement in Pareto Benchmarking. As a small charity it’s been critical in helping us to devise the right strategy and to sell it to the board.
Cancer Council QueenslandAlana Kenny, Donor Development Manager at Cancer Council Queensland
After joining Benchmarking at a Basic Level, it quickly became apparent CCQ could benefit from the learnings provided at a Superior Level. The individual report has been extremely useful in providing invaluable insights into our individual giving program and our donor behaviours. The ability to take a top line view, and then dissect our program, identifying areas of strength and opportunities was useful in educating our organisation and providing insight to drive our decision making.
Jennifer Gibb, National Director, Marketing Fundraising & Communications at Australian Red Cross Society
If it’s worth us investing millions in fundraising and donors, then it’s worth us paying a tiny fraction of that to know how we compare to other charities in the marketplace.
Cerebal Palsy AllianceAdam Drinan, Head of Direct Marketing at Cerebral Palsy Alliance
Regardless of whether you’re a big charity or a small charity, Pareto Benchmarking tells you where you are now and where you should be. You can’t responsibly invest in acquisition and not measure key performance indicators that determine the impact of your spend, both now and in the future.
Benchmarking is one of the best investments a charity can make. Every fundraiser I know is busy – Benchmarking clearly identifies the areas that need your attention now. A year later, it identifies what’s next.
Youth Off The Streets 2Ariana Palmisano, Direct Marketing Manager at Youth Off The Streets
Partaking in Pareto’s Benchmarking program has provided Youth Off The Streets with invaluable data insights enabling us to truly understand our strengths and our weaknesses within the fundraising space and NGO sector. The individual report has become, and duly so, a key tool for developing our strategy, planning and forecasting. Another benefit Pareto’s Benchmarking program provides is in educating committees and board members – it’s become a bit of a bible for us in that regard.
Starship FoundationSharon Bills, Donor Partnerships at Starship Foundation
Before we had Benchmarking, we had no idea where how we rated amongst other charities. Having data-driven analysis, a full report and presentation taken by the charismatic Fiona McPhee means we now have insight into how we’re doing, where we can improve and the key areas that donors are interested in and supporting. It’s like this for all of us, who has the time to focus on big-picture analysis when we know it’s the one thing that’s really worthwhile doing? Benchmarking does it for us, and we’re so much better off being a part of this.
Oxfam AustraliaJoe Manger, Corporate Partnerships Coordinator at Oxfam Australia
Sean Triner’s insights on donors and trends have been a great help for me coming fresh into the sector. Sean makes the presentations extremely funny and relevant. I don’t think I have had a training or educational session that was so engaging.

Stroke FoundationRoss Anderson, National Gifts in Wills Manager at National Stroke Foundation
Pareto Benchmarking is a brilliant source of reliable data for planning. It is one of the best ways of understanding underlying trends across fundraising and the charity sector. It provides a good way of mapping out donor behaviour and predicting future activity. For Gifts in Wills fundraising, Pareto Benchmarking provides some great insights which can be invaluable for influencing planning decisions. The more charities that participate in it, the more accurately it reflects the sector.
Environment VictoriaKelly O’Shanassy, CEO at Environment Victoria
I said I’d stay for an hour but I stayed for three….. the absolute best use of my limited time this year!

Prostate Cancer FoundationLisa Cheng, Head of Marketing & Fundraising at Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia
I have been involved with Pareto Benchmarking since it first began. I have found it to be an invaluable tool in checking strategy and educating my Executive teams and Boards on the role and outcomes of fundraising. Even when moving to an organization where fundraising performance was not at its best, Benchmarking helped to set the goals, develop the strategy and move the program forward.
Peter MacJennifer Doubell, Exec Director, Campaign Director at VCCC Project Capital Campaign and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
Pareto’s Benchmarking gives Peter Mac an objective perspective and good analysis of our Individual Giving fundraising initiatives. Not only does this help us improve our program’s performance, but it has also been invaluable in managing our strategy and bringing our Boards and executive along on our development journey. As more organisations join each year, it also gives us insights into the sector more generally and offers us the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded organisations.

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