Fundraising Control Panel: Core monthly and quarterly options | Pareto Fundraising

Overall there are six fundraising control panels available – more details of which can be seen in our videos here.

However, we have matched up the two most popular panels with our Benchmarking program to make them available now as a cost-effective monthly or quarterly reporting service:

1 – Monthly Regular Giving Attrition Monitoring

2 – Quarterly New Cash Donor Performance

The images below show the default dashboard set-up for each of these panels. Like all of our panels, we can customise them to meet your specific reporting requirements.

Monthly Regular Giving Attrition Monitoring

Cost: $1,995 monthly or $23, 940 per annum

(click to enlarge image)website1

Quarterly New Cash Donor Performance

Cost: $2,995 quarterly or $11, 980 per annum 

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How to order Pareto control panels?

Register online for Benchmarking and select the control panel you desire via the Dropdown. Or contact Jesse by phone or email:

Jesse Zarb Events and Communications Manager E: P: +61 7 3015 4014

Got more questions about the panels? Contact Clarke by phone or email:

Clarke Vincent Head of Marketing and New Business Development E: P: +61 7 3015 4021

The fine print

  • Please note that additional charges may be payable if you need to provide a new data feed solely for the purposes of generating a control panel report – if we have an updated data extract from you for any other purpose (e.g. Benchmarking or Appeals work) then we should be able to use that with no extra data charges.
  • Additional charges may also apply for report customisation or variations to the data supply format.
  • Reports are produced on the timescale you need them (e.g. Quarterly/ Monthly) but can be generated on a daily basis if your IT dept will facilitate API access to your supporter database.
  • Your initial control panel(s) will be set up to run for a minimum of 12 months, but during that time you are able adjust the frequency and number of panels that you access.