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What does Australia’s population boom mean for your fundraising?

Today we reach a historic milestone, Australia hits a population of 25 million, so what does it mean to your fundraising activity? 

According to the ABS, Australia has a birth every 1 minute 42 seconds; a death every 3 minutes 16 seconds, someone arriving to live in Australia every 1 min and 1 second, and an Australian leave to live overseas every 1 minute and 51 seconds. When we pull this together, it means our population increase is one person every 1 minutes and 23 seconds. 

What is the impact on charity giving? The fastest growing age group is over 65 years representing 15.4% and our population is increasing by around 400,000 people per year, 62% of due to migration. The 25-65 age group represents 60% of the population with ever-increasing digital media obsession.  Pareto’s benchmarking also identifies that donors over the age of 65 makes the highest average donation and Australian’s over the age of 50 are responsible for more than half of all donations.  This is consistent with the ABS report of Australia having an older population than any time in the past.

Today you are setting up your organisation for the future of fundraising, with a population estimated to be 42 million in the next 40 years, strengthening the foundations of giving now is critical for the future.

Is your on-boarding and donor care program sensitive to the changes taking place in Australia?  Find out when to ask and upgrade to maximise donor retention for your organisation.

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