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What your donors want … and why

By Tom Ahern

Tom Ahern could walk into any bar in the fundraising world … and someone would buy him a drink.

He’s considered one of the world’s top authorities on how to communicate with donors – to get their attention, inspire them to act and bond them to your organisation.

As Tom has long said, your number one job is to keep your donor/customer happy. And donor-centricity is the only secret to increased giving.

What you donors want … and why is his latest book – and it’s as good as the rest. Within its chapters you’ll learn how to treat donors as customers, how to organise communications around the prime metric of lifetime value and how to answer the big three questions required in a high-performance case for support.

The book bases its advice on the latest research. It debunks common myths such as ‘increased awareness raises more money’. It explores in-depth psychology and the neuroscience behind donor loyalty.

And there are lots of real-world examples within the pages of the book that everyone can learn from. The non-profit world is gracious and giving and people want to share how they do things. It’s so we can all learn how to be better fundraisers.

As Tom writes in his last comment in his book:

“Good luck, my dear Fundraiser. You’re already a hero for trying. Knowledge is your friend. Ignorance is your enemy. And so you have this book in your hand. It’s an armor of sort.”

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