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This month we’re launching …

… The Pareto Fundraising Digital Audit

Conducting a Pareto Fundraising Digital Audit is key for fundraisers who want to build a journey to online program success.

The audit will help you:

  • Take a deeper, data-driven dive into your digital fundraising strategy.
  • Uncover the best digital opportunities for your organisation, audience and existing program.
  • Know which aspects of your digital fundraising to focus on for immediate gain, and
  • Understand how you can build a sustainable digital fundraising strategy that aligns with your mission objectives.

The process is simple: Pareto digital strategy and channel experts will analyse your digital activity and results.

You’ll then get a comprehensive – and immediately useful – report which includes data analysis, insights and recommendations … and is informed by Pareto Fundraising’s fundraising sector benchmarking.

The report can then be presented to your team in a mini work-shop session.

The digital strategists at Pareto understand fundraising. Their comprehensive audit will help you make decisions about which aspects of your charity’s digital program to focus on for income and impact.

Take your digital fundraising to the next level – with support from a Pareto Fundraising Digital Audit. Find out more by contacting

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