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This Month We’re Re-launching

The Pareto Business Intelligence Portal

Business Intelligence on the GO…anywhere, anytime

Your ability to see the metrics that matter to you, at a glance and on the go, is now available with Pareto’s new cloud-based business intelligence reporting.

Whether you use a desktop, tablet or mobile phone, the Pareto Business Intelligence Portal (now in UAT) is giving you the ability to interrogate your data like never before, and from anywhere.

Our Control Panels have been re-designed, rebuilt, re-organised, and revamped into dashboards and reports that make reporting simple and effective.

Visual appeal and mobility are not the only things on offer with the new Business Intelligence Portal. You also get access to more reports. Plus, you can set and monitor your KPIs in an interactive and easy to use Portal that lets you dice and slice seamlessly.

You can now see exactly what your donors look like, you can see the trends in your income and your attrition, and you can even now see which geographical locations are giving you the best donors and lowest attrition rates across both your normal fundraising and in your appeals.

Your data has just taken on a new look, more value and new capabilities.

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