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It’s not always what you should do … sometimes it’s what you can do

As an industry, if we’re going to take retention and loyalty seriously, the way forward is to be innovative and invest in programs that will measure and improve the touchpoints that have the greatest impact on the donor experience.

But, just as we often hear the question … ‘what’s the next big thing?”… one of the next most asked questions is:

“What do I do when there’s no team or budget allocated to fundraising innovation?”

Innovation does not have to be big. Nor does it always have to be expensive if you are to transform your fundraising performance.

Simply, innovation is about removing the obstacles and investing in donor retention the right way.  And it comes in many forms.

It could be making sure that your donors can donate when they want, how they want … or, better leveraging your data to demonstrate the financial benefits of a retention-based strategy … there are always new ways of doing things and new paths to follow.

You don’t have to have an enormous budget or team to deliver a positive supporter experience.

Look for the small, manageable innovations that your charity can manage:

  • Execute the proven fundraising practices better than you have ever done.
  • Get your donor data clean, manageable – and useable. Focus on donor qualification and prioritisation first.
  • Work hard to retain those mid, high and major donors, and your bequestors.
  • Invest more of your existing budget on retention, not acquisition – because your data will show you it can result in higher rates of return.
  • Learn from the professionalism of the commercial sector, where customer service satisfaction rules.

Individually, these things may look small, even insignificant; but when integrated and delivered well, they have the capacity to transform the experience of your supporters.

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