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How to love your donors (to death)

Stephen Pidgeon

“It is the fundraiser’s job, your only job, to make the supporter feel good about supporting your charity. You have to love your donors. The money will follow.”

So says author Stephen Pidgeon, a man who needs little introduction to seasoned fundraisers around the world. But, as he also says,

“As I get older and become part of the population segment that is most likely to donate,

I feel more and more abused by charities trying to squeeze the last penny out of me.

It’s madness, because people like me – and there are millions of us – need to be

loved by charities … loved to death.”

That is Stephen’s motivation for writing this book.

This book is for fundraisers with the vision, tenacity and campaigning zeal not just to change the world but to change the way fundraising is done.

In amongst this book’s practical tips, rants, keys and big ideas, this book covers all the basic essentials of fundraising direct marketing and also throws in some sensible insights into the more complex aspects of this endlessly fascinating activity.

The ‘to death’ element of the title of course refers to bequests, the final big gift that more donors could be persuaded to make if only more fundraisers could retain donors support and interest for longer.

As Stephen says:

“Legacies are not the gift of angels, but will increasingly come from donors who are loved and nurtured in their relationship with their favourite charity.”

For the fundraiser who is serious about addressing one of the biggest challenges facing the sector today – retention – buying and reading this book is a great start.

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