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It’s the ‘next big thing’ … but it’s nothing new

The best donor retention strategies are still the ones that everyone knows about. They’re the strategies based on the body of knowledge we have about fundraising and about donors. 

And that can be summed up in four words:

Ask, thank, report, repeat

1. Thank and welcome your new donor properly and promptly. This is where the phone can be your best friend.

2. Be specific and relevant in your thank you. Tell them why their gift was ‘just the thing’ needed.

3. Report back quickly on the impact of their gift. Donors want to know how their gift has made a difference in the world.

4. Ask again soon. Donors love to give. And your charity is an outlet for their generosity.

5. Repeat. Treat your donors well and they will want to keep giving.

Want to find new ways to surprise and delight your charity’s supporters? 

Get in touch with Pareto to organise a brainstorming session on ways your charity can boost your supporter retention program.


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