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Making money with donor newsletters By Tom Ahern,

If you’re a brand new fundraiser this book is perfect for you. If you’re already a successful and accomplished fundraiser, this book will help you use your skills even more effectively.

One of the best tools for mass cultivation is the donor newsletter. It’s one of the most efficient ways you have to speak to your entire donor base on a regular basis.

In brief, a properly prepared newsletter will add heaps to your bottom line … bring joy to your donors … and boost your charity’s donor retention to new heights, one of today’s highest priorities in fundraising.

Read Tom’s book and you’ll understand why.

The essence of this book centres around seven fatal flaws that stop many charity newsletters from being effective:

1. Newsletter fails to use the word “you” often enough

2. Newsletter skimps on emotional triggers

3. Newsletter has no news

4. Newsletter isn’t donor-centred

5. Newsletter isn’t designed for rapid skimming and browsing

6. Newsletter has weak headlines – the ‘most deadly’ of the fatal flaws

7. Newsletter depends on too many statistics to make its case.

And that’s just the beginning. There’s a lot more in this short book which makes it worth your time and money.

Our advice? If you produce a charity newsletter, get this book.  If you don’t do a newsletter, then get this book and start producing one. If you follow the principles in this book, you’ll get good results. And by that we mean net revenue.

And that’s something that all charities want.

The Tiny Essentials of Donor Loyalty by Adrian Sargeant

This book is part of a series of teeny, tiny books that have a big mission.  They focus on what really matters in one key area of fundraising management.

Each book’s purpose is to provide the essentials of its subject in an entertaining, easily digestible form, so people who wouldn’t dream of reading a business book can effortlessly and enjoyably get access to what they really need to know.

The Tiny Essentials of Donor Loyalty focuses on what every fundraiser, CEO and board member needs to know about incorporating donor retention into their fundraising strategy.

Every point made in this book has been substantiated through prior research.  Every opinion or point is based on over 20 years of work by researchers working in the fields of psychology, sociology, economics and marketing.

Adrian Sargeant himself is one of the world’s foremost authorities in the domain of non-profit marketing. No one knows more about donor loyalty and retention. And that’s why you should read this book.

In just 10 short chapters – why bother?  satisfaction, encouraging dissent, commitment, trust, identity and identification, what damages loyalty recruiting loyal donors, other issues and conclusions – Adrian Sargeant effectively sets out the blue print for understanding, overcoming and capitalising upon what he describes in his very first sentence as, … ‘the single biggest challenge facing our sector today.’

He’s not wrong. But now you can respond effectively and comprehensively to this challenge, just be spending an hour or so with this packed, but tiny, easy-to-use book.



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