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3 things to do this year to love your donors better

Become a new donor

This January, sign up and be a supporter to your own charity. And do the same for a handful of other charities you think have great donor service.

Make a donation of varying amounts to each of the charities. Make your donations via different channels – one third by mail, one third online and one third by telephone.

Then track and follow the 90-day journey of each of these charities. Don’t forget to write down how you feel personally about each of the interactions.

Then at the end of the 90 days, report back to your team. You’ll be able to see just what your donor is experiencing at your charity – and others. The results will help you to improve your donor retention program.


It’s new to Australia!  Pareto is launching a Supporter Journey Tracker or more commonly known as mystery shopping. Using an internationally recognised and sophisticated platform, we will track your donor journey and report back to you. Our trial starts in February and our foundation partners are as excited as we are to be able to track and report on the donor experience, including face-to-face donors. You can be everywhere and report on the donor experience. Contact Clarke Vincent at Pareto for more information.


Review all your materials – across all channels

Welcomes, thank yous’, newsletters, invitations, appeal letters, emails, websites … you’ve got so many ‘touch points’ where your charity can be in direct contact with your donor.

How amazing is that. Because each touch point represents an opportunity for you to make a great impression on your donor.

That’s why all your communications should be beautifully written and full of the stories of how changes have happened because of a donor’s gift – and how that donor is making the world a better place.

So, this year, map all our donor touchpoints – and look at them carefully.  Part of great donor care is to make sure your donors are seeing the same messages – across all channels.  Inconsistency in messaging can have a real impact on donor lifetime value – and not for the better.

Clean up your data for great donor service

Meticulous record-keeping is critical to building donor relationships.

Donors expect you to maintain accurate information about them. They expect their name to be spelt correctly and their address to be accurate. They don’t want to receive duplicate mailings, or any mailings if they have asked to be removed from a list or are deceased.

Improving data quality is an investment. Yet, in countless numbers of charities its importance is ignored. In F&P Magazine in April 2015, mystery shopper Stephen Mally commented:

“I polled staff of 24 non-profit organisations, who didn’t know they were in the study, asking why they do not maintain data hygiene and data enhancement. They indicated data hygiene processes are “too hard”; impact is not appreciated by upper management, so there is no investment; and staff do not understand data hygiene so have difficulty communicating the need for it to management.”

None are solid reasons when agencies exist to help with this crucial area.

A successful charity knows that data is one of the backbones of its organisation. So, this January, make sure that your charity’s data is giving your donors the best possible service.

Need data help?

Pareto’s data services team can help you with your database clean-up, creation of your Policy & Procedures document and Data Entry standards document.

We can also help you with:

  • Address append and verification
  • Phone append and verification
  • De-duplication.

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