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Announcement from the CEO of Pareto Phone, Bruce Cotton

This announcement is made following an update sent by Rob Edwards, CEO of the FIA. The update was addressing the protection of vulnerable Australians and the role that all telemarketers have to play in this. If you have not received this letter you can view a copy of the CEO Update from FIA here on the Pareto website.


Dear Fundraiser

I want to let you know that Pareto Phone have been working closely with the FIA over recent weeks in providing information on our current telemarketing practices as well as our market data on the importance of the channel in helping Australian charities to fundraise in order to fulfil your mission. This is obviously an extremely important issue for all of us and we believe that our current processes, but, perhaps more importantly, Pareto Phone’s management culture is fully aligned to the protection of vulnerable donors and the delivery of high quality donor care.

In our opinion, the start point for avoiding risks in this area is to ensure that smart data suppressions are being applied to all Campaigns, and, at Pareto Phone, this includes our own “do not call” list which we have built-up over previous Campaigns when talking to your supporters and your prospects. As importantly, we focus considerable specialist resource on training and quality monitoring our telefundraisers which includes the recording of all calls. We also recognise that occasionally a call that we make isn’t up to the standards that we set and, so, we assess, record and feedback on the very small number of complaints that we receive so that we can learn from our mistakes and identify any trends or specifics that require action. We believe that these processes are essential to ensuring that we can deliver the best possible standards of donor care for your supporters.

The protection of vulnerable donors goes to the heart of what Pareto Phone believes in and we will continue to engage in this consultative process putting the case forward for the self-regulation of the industry within the existing legal frameworks. We do agree with Rohan Buettel that further legislation and, specifically, the reversal of the DNCR exemption would, indeed, be a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

If Rob’s update or my e-mail raises any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Regards Bruce Cotton CEO, Pareto Phone

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